Open Print

Open Print is an online enterprise solution for printing companies that is constantly evolving to improve all aspects of the printing industry. From small commercial shops to large trade houses, Open Print provides the features to drive sales, lower expenses and improve customer service.

Estimation, Quoting and Ordering 24x7x365

  • Accuracy: Over 23 years of experience and consultation with industry experts has gone into developing an estimation engine that can surprise even the best human estimator. The Open Print estimation system takes advantage of today's modern computer technology to perform all of the calculations necessary to provide the most accurate quote possible. Calculations are performed on all available equipment, using all possible impositions and the most efficient and cost effective method of producing the project is chosen.
  • Multiple Quantities: The Open Print estimator allows you to quote up to three quantities independently, providing an accurate quote for each. Other systems may provide 3 quantities however they do all their calculations based on the first, and simply multiply for the rest. Open Print provides the optimal layout and press selection for each quantity independent of the other quantities.
  • Interface: The Open Print user interface has been designed to provide the quickest and easiest way to estimate, quote and order your project. It scales to make optimal use of both small (mobile devices) and large desktop browsers. It has also been designed to be highly configurable so that it can be customized to give your company a unique look, as well as targeting your clients be they trade or commercial, print experts or novices.
  • Shipping: Open Print can provide instant estimates for UPS, Fedex and other freight services.
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Online Invoicing, Payment and Credit Management

  • Online Credit Card Processing: Open Print interfaces with various credit card payment processors (, Skipjack, Paypal), providing you with the capability of processing payments online instantly.
  • Client Credit: Everything from online credit applications and approvals to automated limit enforcement and late payment notifications are provided by Open Print.

Upload Centre

The Open Print upload centre is a powerful alternative to traditional FTP. Not only is it easier and more attractive, it provides your customers the ability to attach additional information to each file. The upload centre also provides confirmation and notification emails to both the customer and to CSR and Prepress Operators.


Open Print's workflow system provides a complete production process starting once the order has been placed by the customer and finishing with the customer receiving the final product. The process has been divided into specific stages, each with its own interface which is designed to address the specific needs of the production staff. The stages are as follows:

  • Prepress: Once the order has been entered into the Open Print database, it has a production status of 'In Production'. The Prepress Workflow manages the docket through the following stages 'In Prepress', 'Proofs Out', 'Waiting For Customer Approval','Waiting For QA Approval','Approved'.
  • Printing: Once the docket becomes approved, it is automatically entered into the press schedule. The Press Workflow manages the docket through the following stages: 'Approved', 'Printing','Waiting For Press Approval','Printed'.
  • Bindery: Once the docket has been printed, it is automatically entered into the bindery schedule. The Bindery Workflow manages the docket through the following stages: 'Printed', 'In Bindery', 'Waiting For Pickup','Waiting for Shipping'.
  • Shipping/Pickup: Depending on whether the customer has selected shipping in their order; after bindery the project will be in either the "Waiting For Shipping" or "Waiting For Pickup" stages. The Shipping/Pickup stage manages either collecting the customer's signature upon pickup, or the entering of tracking or other information related to shipping.

Online Approvals

As part of the prepress workflow, Open Print provides an online approval and signoff system. When changes and additional charges are necessary, email notifications get sent out, and the client can go online, download and view PDF proofs, and then sign off, all online. This system is also used to provide proof of pickup in your shipping department.


The Open Print barcode plugin provides both the ability to print barcodes and to use a barcode scanner to replace keyboard entry while using the Open Print system. Open Print recognizes barcodes representing all identifiable items in the system such as users, companies, orders, stocks, other inventoried items. As well all actions used in the Open Print Workflow have barcode equivalents which can be used in place of, and interchangeably with the provided web interfaces.


The Open Print RFID plugin provides the ability to track inventory automatically, giving realtime location and status updates.


The Open Print accounting system provides facilities for invoicing, payments, interest calculation, purchase orders, and claims.

  • Invoicing: Open Print automates and simplifies the process of generating and sending invoices. Invoices can be generated automatically, and can be sent via e-mail.
  • Payments: Entering payment information is simple and Open Print will automatically link payments to the appropriate invoice. Open Print will process payments online using a variety of payment processors.
  • Purchase Orders: Open Print provides for the creation and tracking of purchase orders, which it then links to inventoried items and invoices. Purchase orders can be sent via e-mail.
  • Claims: Claims are generated, tracked and sent all within the Open Print system.

Rampage Integration

Using Hotfolders, Open Print can process CIP3 files, pulling out accurate run information such as layout, sheet size, plate size as well as providing preview images to the pressmen. The Open Print system can also translate CIP3 files, making it easier to make newer and older systems talk to each other.

Metrix Integration

Open Print understands both JDF and the MXML file formats making it possible to transfer quotes automatically into and out of Metrix without further data entry.